A beautiful teardrop Australian black opal, enamored in our signature 18k gold technique.

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Our signature take on the traditional evil eye talisman. Made in 18 karat gold with natural aquamarine and sapphires.

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This "2in1" piece showcases two exquisite aquamarines, radiating a mesmerizing blue hue.

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<h2>OUR <em>bespoke</em> <br/>JEWELRY</h2>

OUR bespoke

We are excited to embark on a creative journey with you, where we can bring your unique story to life through a bespoke piece that represents your individuality. Our bespoke section offers a perfect opportunity to collaborate with us and create a timeless heirloom that captures your journey and the cherished memories that have shaped your life.

Let us celebrate your special moments together by creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that truly reflects you.

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